Monday, December 10, 2018

The Central Bank of the Netherlands recognized the blockchain is inefficient...

The Dutch Central Bank said in its official blog on Thursday, June 8, that the blockchain is not yet applicable for the present system of payments of the country. To such conclusion experts have come on the basis of rese..

Co-founder of Reddit: by the end of the year the price...

Co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian (Alexis Ohanian) is optimistic about the growth of bitcoin this year, but, according to him, in 2018 the Ethereum significantly ahead of the leading cryptocurrency, in terms of profit..

The blockchain EOS restructuring is needed, experts say

A group of independent developers has announced that the network infrastructure EOS in its current form untenable. The report, compiled jointly with Whiteblock Labs and published on 18 November at BitMEX Research, emphas..


The head Ripple in the Asia-Pacific region is confident in entering...

Surbhi Sagar (Sagar Sarbhai), CEO of Ripple in the Asia-Pacific region, said that it is absolutely sure that the Ripple payment solution based on the blockchain will allow the company to enter the China market this year...

Pantera CEO recommends investing in Bitcoin and Icon

Dan Marched (Dan Morehead), CEO of hedge Fund Pantera Capital Management LP believes bitcoin is a necessary element of the investment portfolio of captainvalor. In an interview with Bloomberg Television Morad reported ..


Ban ICO in South Korea will contest in court

Blockchain startup Presto to challenge the decision of the financial services Commission of South Korea (FSC) on the prohibition of all forms of primary offerings of coins (ICO). Representatives of the firm believe that ..

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