Sunday, November 28, 2021

Australian blockchain network is able to handle up to 30,000 transactions...

The Australian Commonwealth scientific and industrial research (CSIRO) has successfully completed the global test network blockchain, developed in collaboration with Sydney University. Testing showed that the network is ..

The people of Japan will not be able to use cryptocurrency...

The people of Japan and the United States will not be able to use tokens LINK, unveiled a few days ago announced the Corporation Line, due to the lack of the license of the regulator. Guide Line — a subsidiary of South ..

Tether released tokens USDT another $250 million

According to Omni Explorer, yesterday stablecoin Tether in the ratio of 1:1 to the US dollar, has generated another 250 million new tokens. Recall that the previous issue of 250 million tokens occurred in the last month..


Two Indian cryptocurrency exchanges suspend trading

Exchange BTCXIndia, which specialize in trading operations with XRP, sent its customers a notice stating that it would no longer accept deposits, and all sent starting from 1 January 2018, the funds will automatically be..

State institutions of Venezuela will begin to take Petro in for...

The Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency, according to an announcement in the government Official Gazette, shall be legal tender for all transactions involving government agencies (ministries, airports) within the next 120 da..


Investors have invested $76 million in past audits not project DeFi...

Author Nikolay Bondarchuk on Tuesday launched its new project decentralized financing (DeFi) YAM. Despite the fact that smart contracts have not passed any audits, investors have invested $76 million in just over an hour..

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