Thursday, September 20, 2018

From Brave 2 million users — launched the rewards program in...

The number of active browser users Brave in March exceeded 2 million. In a blog on corporate website development team has announced the first phase of the referral program, providing for the remuneration of creators of I..

Ethereum vs. ASIC: the community wants to spend hardwork

The developer of Ethereum Piper Merriam (Merriam Piper) made a proposal for the hard forks to cut off from the blockchain miners using ASIC hardware. Published on GitHub Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP) #958 says Bit..

Police city of London will be special training for cryptocurrencies

Police city of London will be the first unit in the country, which experts will be trained on the use of cryptocurrencies. It is expected that a special course will be part of internships at the Academy of economic crim..


Buterin wants to slow the growth of Ethereum, introducing a fee...

Whether adding a new fee to help maintain the Ethereum in the long term? The debate around the introduction of the extra cost that users should pay for the support wide area networks is now underway in many blockchains. ..

Baikal BK-X ASIC started to support two more algorithm

Company Baikal Miner has released an update for its popular Miner Asik Baikal BK-X, which adds support for two new algorithms — Nist5 and X11Ghost. Thus, the total number supported by this miner algorithms made up of sev..


Cyber Threat Alliance: in 2018 identified on 459% more cases of...

Team Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), which includes reputable security company, the report “Threat of illegal mining of cryptocurrencies” reported that this year they were discovered on 459% more cases of illegal mining cry..

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