The SEC has accused a decentralized Ethereum exchange EtherDelta trafficking securities

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. accused the founder of a decentralized Ethereum exchange EtherDelta in illegal trading in securities. EtherDelta is positioned as a decentralized mark..

Samsung SDS has introduced a certification blockchain-a platform for banks

Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of South Korean manufacturer of technological components, has developed a banking platform based on the blockchain for verification of users and storage of certification data. The platform, nam..

The first third-party developer the BTC returned to the industry with...

For the cryptocurrency industry, Martti Malmi (Martti Malmi) is practically a "first after God". When Bitcoin was still a young project with a small audience, Malmi worked on its development with Nakamoto; he had written..


Telegram: public ICO may not happen

The company is ready to refuse carrying out of public sale token of their blockchain-platform Telegram Open Network. According to RBC, the next round of ICO will be held in private among a small circle of investors, spec..

The head of the deVere Group: G20 must adopt rules regarding...

The head of a financial company deVere Group Nigel green (Nigel Green) believes that the countries Big twenty have to accept common rules of regulation of the cryptocurrency market. The statement precedes the G20 summi..


Media: capitalization of bitcoin-futures Bakkt exceeded $700 million

Still in the process of preparation for the official launch of cryptocurrency platform Bakkt after received at the end of December investment today is estimated to be worth about $740 million this writes The Block with r..

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