Wednesday, November 20, 2019

NEXT BLOCK Conference will gather leaders of the blockchain-industry for the...

May 18, in the upscale Hilton Kyiv Hotel host the blockchain conference with participation of stars of the industry and the founders CryptoStream — NEXT BLOCK Conference. The main feature of the event will be FTV Coin De..

Binance Labs will hold ICO MobileCoin, limit fees to $30 million

MobileCoin, a new cryptocurrency with enhanced protection of privacy, will hold the ICO with an upper limit of $30 million under the leadership of Binance Labs, technology incubator exchange Binance. This is the blog of ..

Co-founder of Ethereum: the Decline of the cryptocurrency market will not...

Ethereum Foundation co-founder Joseph Lubin (Lubin Joseph) does not believe the current weakness of the cryptocurrency market barriers for its development. About this businessman said in a recent interview with Bloomberg..


IBM together with jewelry companies creates a project supply chain Hyperledger

Tech giant IBM, in collaboration with the leaders of the jewelry industry is working to create a cross-industry platform tracking supply chains. On Thursday it was announced about the initiative of the TrustChain — the ..

The number of phishing web pages ICO Telegram continues to grow

Despite reports that the proliferation of token-Grams will be held behind closed doors, the crooks are still trying to capitalize on "potential investors". Revision CoinDesk has added a list of sites allegedly selling o..


Media: Bitmain will release ASIC miners are the new generation in...

The largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain is planning to release a flagship ASIC devices of new generation in anticipation of the expected in may of halving bitcoin. This reports the South China Morning Post...

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