Sunday, September 19, 2021

Chinese hackers are stealing cryptocurrency in the amount of $87 million,...

Chinese police have arrested three hackers suspected of stealing cryptocurrency in the amount of $87 million On Saturday reported news Agency Xinhua; the arrest took place on Wednesday, August 15. As writes Sinhua, the ..

Billfodl storage of the private key of steel

On sale Billfodl — virtually indestructible storage of the private key or secret phrase to reset the password. The device is an alternative cryptocurrency hardware wallet, and replaces the more usual methods of creating ..

Central Bank of Brazil plans to establish data exchange between controllers...

The IT Department of the Central Bank of Brazil Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) has announced the launch of an Information integration platform for regulators called Pier, is scheduled for the end of this year. According ..


Uphold will support tokens Ripple XRP

Startup digital payments Uphold have announced plans to add support for cryptocurrencies Ripple (XRP). At the moment the platform is available trade, exchange and storage 7 of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethere..

Bank of America: bitcoin bubble begun to burst

A team of researchers from Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) says that bitcoin is one of "the biggest bubble in asset prices in history." In a message posted Sunday, the team headed by chief investment strategist Mic..


Investors have invested $76 million in past audits not project DeFi...

Author Nikolay Bondarchuk on Tuesday launched its new project decentralized financing (DeFi) YAM. Despite the fact that smart contracts have not passed any audits, investors have invested $76 million in just over an hour..

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