Miner z-enemy was updated to version 1.11

Popular miner z-enemy again was updated to version 1.11 and got a few new features, and also became a bit faster on different algorithms. The miner has acquired a special popularity for mining cryptocurrency RavenCoin, b..

The new version of miner T-Rex adds support for two new...

Miner T-Rex is slowly becoming more and more popular for the production of new coins due to the number of supported algorithms, good performance and ease of use. New version 0.6.1 adds two new algorithms — Bitcore and So..

Blockchain-platform Telegram is set to launch in test mode

Blockchain-platform Telegram TON ready at 70% and will be launched in test mode this fall. This is with reference to two of the investors reported today, "Vedomosti". The source names are not called. In the letter, the ..


The head Ripple in the Asia-Pacific region is confident in entering...

Surbhi Sagar (Sagar Sarbhai), CEO of Ripple in the Asia-Pacific region, said that it is absolutely sure that the Ripple payment solution based on the blockchain will allow the company to enter the China market this year...

PayPal is developing technology for faster crypto-payments

In early March, PayPal filed in the U.S. patent and trademark office (USPTO) application for "a system of accelerated transactions using virtual currencies". At the core of this system will lie with the method by which ..


Investors have invested $76 million in past audits not project DeFi...

Author Nikolay Bondarchuk on Tuesday launched its new project decentralized financing (DeFi) YAM. Despite the fact that smart contracts have not passed any audits, investors have invested $76 million in just over an hour..

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