Coinbase launches in Europe a service of gift escrow certificates

Customers of Coinbase crypto currency exchange will be available to new service — a gift certificate that can be purchased for the digital currency. Thanks to cooperation with London startup WeGift, users have the abili..

The government of the Australian state funded cryptocurrency startup for the...

The government of the Australian state of Queensland has provided a grant of cryptocurrency startups. Grant, the amount of which totaled more than $8.3 million were received under the program of state financing of innova..

Ethereum: innovation is more important than politics

Ethereum, as well as other big players in the cryptocurrency market is facing a difficult choice between social responsibility and their own vision of the blockchain. The years spent in the shadow of bitcoin, replaced th..


Bitcoin can lower transaction fees due to the improvements forming the...

The algorithm of "matching coins" Bitcoin blockchain will soon receive an important update. Code, deciding which data to participate in the formation transactions will be optimized to reduce fees for remittances. "Algor..

Singapore authorities urged to strengthen legal protection for captainvalor

Monetary authority of Singapore (MAS), the actual Central Bank of the city-state presumably is considering the introduction of new rules to protect kryptonsite. According to Reuters, on Thursday, the Deputy managing Di..


Media: Bitmain will release ASIC miners are the new generation in...

The largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain is planning to release a flagship ASIC devices of new generation in anticipation of the expected in may of halving bitcoin. This reports the South China Morning Post...

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