FIATA LMAX exchange launches cryptocurrency trading

British trading platform LMAX exchange has announced its entry into the cryptocurrency market by launching exchange-oriented institutional investors. On 21 may, reported the Financial Times. Established in 2010, LMAX wa..

Taiwanese regulators will simplify the process of investing in ICO

Taiwanese regulators have decided to ease the process of investing in ICO projects. It can be as simple as putting funds in the stock exchange. Plans shared by the Chairman of the Commission for financial supervision (F..

Canaan introduced the monster ASIC

"Iron" mining company Canaan is not too well known, especially compared to popular companies such as Bitmain. But such companies periodically release something new and interesting. Canaan has presented its latest brainch..


Edward Snowden: the main problem of Bitcoin public registry

Former CIA and national security Agency (NSA) USA Edward Snowden said that the main flaw of the Bitcoin blockchain is a public registry. This is the first occasion when he openly and in detail expressed his position abou..

Purse Abra adds support for 18 cryptocurrency for mobile investment

Startup Abra adds support for 18 cryptocurrency in your mobile app. Until recently the purse was supported only by two crypto currencies — bitcoin and Ethereum. According to a press release, the new version of the app a..


Investors have invested $76 million in past audits not project DeFi...

Author Nikolay Bondarchuk on Tuesday launched its new project decentralized financing (DeFi) YAM. Despite the fact that smart contracts have not passed any audits, investors have invested $76 million in just over an hour..

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