Kraken Troll Coinbase exchange announced the listing of more than 1600...

One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken, announced on Twitter that considers "the likely addition of more than 1600 tokens", that is, all assets listed on "Joyful and important news to the ..

ING Bank has developed a blockchain solution to increase privacy

Dutch ING Bank has released a new blockchain solution to protect sensitive data under the name of Zero-Knowledge Set Membership (ZKSM). The representatives of the Bank announced at the conference Sibos in Sydney. The Ba..

Coinbase Pro adds the listing of the first Ethereum token 0x

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase adds the token 0x (ZRX) on their professional trading platform Coinbase Pro. This is the first support platform token standard ERC-20, running on Ethereum. In a statement published in th..


Bitcoin can lower transaction fees due to the improvements forming the...

The algorithm of "matching coins" Bitcoin blockchain will soon receive an important update. Code, deciding which data to participate in the formation transactions will be optimized to reduce fees for remittances. "Algor..

Exchange Binance is developing its own blockchain for a decentralized exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance proceeded to the development of their own blockchain, dubbed Binance Chain. According to a statement in the company blog, blockchain will become the basis for a decentralized marketplace t..


Media: Bitmain will release ASIC miners are the new generation in...

The largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain is planning to release a flagship ASIC devices of new generation in anticipation of the expected in may of halving bitcoin. This reports the South China Morning Post...

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