Monday, September 23, 2019

SRBMiner received the support forks of the Haven and Masari

Looks like a soft-miner SRBMiner becoming one of the main for cryptocurrency mining on algorithms family CryptoNight using AMD hardware. The developers provide their offspring fast and quality support, as well as the tim..

Payment network Ripple has joined the two companies

In late may, the ranks of clients of the payment network RippleNet joined the leading provider of digital cross-border payments in Asia InstaReM and BeeTech, the South American provider of payment services. New members ..

“Independence day” Tron took place, but the transition to a private...

The Tron project on Monday launched its blockchain. But the platform is still not quite "independent" from Ethereum. Tron was originally run on the Ethereum blockchain, and has the tokens TRX standard ERC20. The platfor..


Whether investors are advised to remain patient and to continue to...

Well-known bitcoin supporter Tom Lee (Thomas Lee), drawing on his years of experience as a stock analyst, says cryptocurrency investors to remain patient in the light of more than 40 percent drop occurring this year. On..

Dow Jones Media along with browser Brave conduct experiments with bloccano

Dow Jones Media Group in conjunction with the privacy-oriented browser Brave experimenting with blockchain-a content delivery system. On Wednesday, the partners said that will test the delivery of content via the blockc..


Media: Bitmain will release ASIC miners are the new generation in...

The largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain is planning to release a flagship ASIC devices of new generation in anticipation of the expected in may of halving bitcoin. This reports the South China Morning Post...

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