author.png Author Nikolay Bondarchuk, the Council of mayors of the cities of Venezuela signed the “Agreement on the harmonization of national taxes,” which defines the possibility of using cryptocurrency Petro for the payment of taxes.

After the official approval and endorsement of the programme the residents of the 305 cities in Venezuela will pay taxes cryptocurrency Petro. Responsible for the creation of a digital single registry of taxpayers was appointed Vice President of Venezuela Delcy rodríguez (Delcy Rodríguez). She will also be responsible for the creation of a system of information exchange and monitoring.

Note that in Venezuela 335 cities and 91% of the mayors are in the ruling United socialist party of Venezuela. The remaining 30 mayors are members of the opposition. The inhabitants of these 30 municipalities will not be able to pay taxes with cryptocurrencies.

“It will simplify procedures, make the work of officials more quickly and efficiently. This Week Flexibility will allow you to work more effectively both in production and commercial fields,” said Rodriguez.

In addition, in may it was reported that residents of Venezuela will be able to pay with the cryptocurrency in 20,000 outlets in the country.