Holders of the bitcoin and Ripple (XRP) created a petition on the website Change.org in which urge the company to “stop drain” tokens XRP.

“Ripple continues to pour billions of tokens, XRP, causing the price to fall! […] It’s amazing what the crypto community accepts this behavior. Of course, we know that XRP is a good coin with huge potential, but it needs to stop!”, — writes the author of the petition.

The text emphasizes that Ripple regularly publishes news on partnership agreements with new banks and other financial institutions, but the exchange rate XRP “still continues to fall”.

“The only logical explanation for this phenomenon is that Ripple merges your coins to us. And not small portions, but literally billions,” the author notes.

According to the Creator of the petition, if the Ripple will stop the uncontrolled sale of coins, this will lead to a resumption of the growth rate of the cryptocurrency.

“We all know what happens. We will again pampite as in the good old days… If they stop selling, it is more likely that high demand for the coin will naturally push the price to its historical maximum, and then beyond it!” — summarizes the author.

At the time of publication of material of a petition signed by over 1000 people.

We will remind, in June, one of the longtime partners of Ripple, the us payment system of Western Union, announced that, contrary to expectations, use Ripple for money transfers costing the company more than the centralized solution.