Known bitcoin skeptics CEO of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) and the Chairman of Berkshire Hathway, Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) no hurry to change his mind and once again criticized the cryptocurrency during a joint interview on CNBC.

Leading channel said that they are both very negative perception about bitcoin in the past, and delicately asked prominent figures from wall street, who of them is stronger hates this digital currency. The first floor was taken by Buffett:

“I set a high standard. Don’t even know if Jamie beat me.”

We will remind that the Chairman of Berkshire Hathway began to speak out sharply in the address of bitcoin from 2014. At first he tried to dissuade investors from buying altcoins, then called the bitcoin a “bubble” and declared scriptacolous speculative gambling. And last month hit the headlines when BTC dubbed “rat poison in the square.”

As for SEO JPMorgan, which last September compared the leading cryptocurrency with a “Tulip fever” and threatened “in a jiffy” dismiss their employees engaged in cryptologia, this time he was more reserved.

“I don’t want to be a representative of bitcoin. Just be careful with him,” said daymon.

It should be noted that despite previous statements by the head of the Bank that bitcoin is a “fraud,” in its annual report, JP Morgan has recognized that cryptocurrencies can force banks to fight for a place in the market.

In addition, eight months after negative statements Daimon, head of the FINTECH program JPMorgan received the assignment to formulate a crypto-Bank’s strategy, and last month it became known that the company has filed a patent application for a blockchain system implementation and negotiation of financial transactions.

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