Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bet Morgan Creek $1 million: cost of the cryptocurrency will exceed the S&P 500...

Company specializing in the management of cryptocurrency investments, Morgan Creek Digital has put $1 million on that over the next 10 years, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies will outpace S&P 500 index. The..

Swiss manufacturer of cryptomathic announced the integration of Monero

Swiss startup Bity announced the integration of its cryptomate with bloccano Monero. The company explained the choice of an asset by a desire to support the efforts of the Monero to ensure users ' privacy. Despite the f..

Grayscale Investments is the largest institutional holder of bitcoins

Investment company Grayscale Investments, the founder of the Bitcoin Investment Trust has become the largest the holder of bitcoins (BTC). Today the company owns more than 203 000 BTC that is 1% of all circulation all co..

The Swiss branch of Gazprombank will begin service cryptocurrency investments

Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd. announced the launch of cryptocurrency service. To provide services for cryptocurrency investments Gazprombank will use the SILO tool MECATO storage and management of crypto-currency invest..

IOTA and eCl@ss will implement the communication standards for IoT devices

IOTA Foundation and developed by the classification standard [email protected] announced the joint project to standardize the communication protocols between IoT devices. The new ordered system will facilitate the intera..

The R3 consortium launched a payment app with support for Ripple XRP

Blockchain-R3 consortium submitted an application for a blockchain Corda Corda under the name of Settler. The application is intended to facilitate the process of holding cryptocurrency payments between enterprises. In ..

Coinbase has added support for zcash for

On the American stock exchange Coinbase has completed the listing of cryptocurrencies zcash for (ZEC). Now trading quiet as possible on the main site and applications for Android and iOS. Since yesterday, users of Coinb..

Hyperledger has created a cryptographic library for developers

Technical steering Committee blockchain consortium Hyperledger presented a new project Ursa — modular cryptographic library. Ursa is a solution that allows each individual project that uses cryptography, not to implemen..

CoinMarketCap has caused a wave of criticism in connection with the capitalization Ripple

Cryptocurrency tracker CoinMarketCap (CMC) is once again accused of providing incorrect data; in particular, the turnover of XRP. As admitted by the company itself, its system does not include the turnover of Unallocated..

U.S. authorities are developing a system to track transactions on anonymous blockchains

The research group of the Department of homeland security published a paper on the preliminary consideration of measures deanonimizatsii "user private" of the block chain type zcash for and Monero. The text of the docum..

ICO News

Bitwise has updated the index Invest 20 and gave 15,37% basket...

The company that manages digital assets, Asset Management Bitwise has updated its cryptocurrency index 20 Mid Cap Index of Crypto and was surprised by the cryptocurrency community. Bitwise is known primarily as the co..

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