The state Tretyakov gallery announced the patronage blockchain project My Tretyakov. In the framework of the project art in the gallery’s collection will be digitized on private donations, but the fact of the patronage of each digital copy distributed is recorded on the registry. The official presentation of My Tretyakov was held today in St. Petersburg at the Business venue of VII Saint-Petersburg international cultural forum. This is with reference to the press service of the company-developer of registry My Tretyakov reports TASS.

According to the authors of the project, any physical or legal person can become a patron of one exhibit. Thus, the Tretyakov gallery is planning to make people more involved in the arts, and open “users worldwide” access to the collection. The General Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova said project including those necessary for the promotion of Russian culture abroad:

“We set an ambitious goal — to make Russian art an important part of daily lives of people around the world.”

The platform itself is My Tretyakov will represent a kind of social network for owners of virtual collectibles. Users will be able to transfer the patronage of the masterpiece others refill information of sponsored piece of art and post it in his gallery, including incognito. The press service of the RDI.Digital that implements the technical basis of the project, explained:

“The platform will allow you to learn and study interests of the participants of My Tretyakov through their profiles, and create their own collections of the works of the Tretyakov gallery. All digital “exhibits” are interrelated and form a giant network. In the future it will provide the platform for creating new services using artificial intelligence based on user behavior”.

A similar initiative was announced by the auction house Christie’s (Christie’s) in October. In this case, the blockchain will be used for recording data about the sale of masterpieces of painting, sculpture and decorative arts.