One of the largest Japanese banks, Nomura became the first Bank providing fiduciary (custodian) storage of cryptocurrency contributions.

So Nomura has taken a niche, actually free because of the ban on large investments in the digital economy for institutional investors. To bypass the ban Nomura had to enter into an agreement with Ledger and Global Advisors (investment company specializing in BTC). The result was formed a separate company, Komainu, meets the requirements of the Japanese government to security and infrastructure.

Nomura will continue to provide directly banking services. Activities Komainu will support the growing investment interest in the cryptocurrency, as well as developing the most effective standards of investing in digital assets.

In the commentary The Trade of international Department head of digital technology at Nomura, Mohidin Jez (Jez Mohideen) said:

“Investment managers around the world could not establish a meaningful presence in the markets of digital assets due to operational and regulatory risks… Our new Association will set the standards that will give kriptosistem peace of mind and will introduce new tools and products to better integrate with traditional investment vehicles such as mutual funds.”

Previously, storage of cryptocurrency assets on hot or cold wallets offered only exchange. Nevertheless, security incidents such platforms as, for example, the theft of part of the stock NEM purses Coincheck in January, has forced investors to postpone major investment in the cryptocurrency sector.

Nomura meets the requirements of the authorities for security through guaranteed service contributions and services for the disposition of funds, says Jean-Marie Moretti (Jean-Marie Mognetti), Director Global Advisors Holdings:

“Since the beginning of the trade digital assets in 2012, Global Advisors tried to find a reliable solution for custodian activities similar to those that already apply in the traditional financial system. Komainu opens for bidders around the world a lot of amazing opportunities and chances of digital assets for mass adoption”.

Despite the actual championship Nomura, there is reason to believe that the Bank already has a competitor in the U.S. market. Recently, Brian Kelly (Brian Kelly), a columnist for analytical programs “Fast Money” suggested that ICE Exchange, the parent company of NYSE has developed a solution via a trusted storage, cryptocurrency investments of institutional investors.