Private token cryptocurrency startup OmiseGo OMG has now reached double-digit of the parameters on the background of the General negative trend.

According to Coinmarketcap, the total increase in the asset amounted to 24.05%; now it is trading at an average rate of $to 18.59. According to some experts, the rise is associated with the announcement of the listing of the token on Bithumb — one of the largest exchanges in South Korea. OMG yesterday also appeared on the Indian stock exchange Zebpay.

As can be seen from the graph compiled by Coindesk, OMG now switched to a bullish market, and will likely reach a historical high of $28,50 — while maintaining stable recovery. Recent indicators underpin the five-day and ten-day moving averages, which are also growing. Additional impetus to the trend and can make exclusive airdrop for customers Bithumb.

At the time of this writing, capitalization token OmiseGo exceeded $1.9 billion, and trading volume increased from $166 million to $662 million. OMG now takes 18 place in a rating of the cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The limit value of the quotes of the token, which will be a change of trend on the negative, defined at the level of $12.

The growth of OMG can also have a positive impact on the market position MakerDAO. Recall that under the terms of the cooperation with this organization, OmiseGO will issue token Maker DAI due OMG.