Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Blockchain-IMF research will provide the basis for the development of regulatory policies

Speaking in Singapore on FINTECH the event, Deputy General counsel for legal Affairs of the International monetary Fund Ross Leckow (Ross Leckow) said that research and experiments conducted by this organization in the b..

Raiffeisenbank tested the results of the international digital Bank guarantee on the blockchain

Mozyr oil refinery (MNPZ), Raiffeisenbank and Russian company “Gazprom Neft”, as well as Belarusian Priorbank held a trade Finance deal with the international digital Bank guarantee on the basis of the blockchain platfor..

New users Invest promise Circle 1 free coin, including bitcoin

American FINTECH company Circle attracts new users to the app Circle Invest a promise to charge them 1 coin out of the twelve represented on the platform: bitcoin (BTC), Еthereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Class..

App Circle Invest will give bitcoins to new users

The mobile application Circle Invest intends to attract new users in terms of the bear market through distribution cryptocurrency. So, having fulfilled the necessary conditions users will receive the platform of cryptocu..

Bosch has introduced a device for sales data from IoT devices for tokens IOTA

IoT-a division of one of the largest manufacturers in the field of industrial technology Bosch has introduced a new Connectivity solution for smart devices that uses cryptocurrency IOTA. Many large tech companies to sup..

Somabc, and Federal research Bureau of Australia presented a blockchain app for automated payments

Federal research Bureau of Australia "The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization" (CSIRO), the biggest private Bank at Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank) has announced today the completion of..

EXMO exchange will be acquired by the company GoverMedia Plus Canada

EXMO exchange and a public company GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. reached a preliminary agreement to combine their businesses. The company signed a letter of intent according to which GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. gets excl..

Studies of the IMF can be used to regulate the cryptocurrency market

Conducted by the International monetary Fund (IMF) experiments in the field of blockchain will form the basis for the formation of the vector regulation of the cryptocurrency industry. Cointelegraph reported, citing Depu..

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has added support for Bitcoin Chain Split token Cash

Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has added into the listing of so-called Split Chain tokens for the two implementations of the Bitcoin Protocol Cash in whose network the 15 November will probably be a split. We..

The crypto currency exchange company, GMO Internet in the III quarter has increased profit...

Japanese tech conglomerate GMO Internet, presented the financial results of the third quarter, including indicators of cryptocurrency business. He, according to the presentation, includes the crypto-currency exchange, pa..

ICO News

CEO Ripple: Southeast Asia is a key region for Ripple

Yesterday, during the conference, the Singapore Fintech Festival CEO brad Ripple Arlinghaus (Brad Garlinghouse) said that Southeast Asia is a key region for the company. According to the entrepreneur, 50% of foreign clie..

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