Japan is going to raise the issue of international money laundering using cryptocurrency at the next G20 summit. This is with reference to a source in the government familiar with the situation, reports Reuters.

If the Japanese authorities decide to bring this issue up for discussion, they can be supported by the representatives of Germany and France. In February, the Finance Ministers of both countries also urged his foreign colleagues to discuss the illegal use of virtual assets. In an official letter to the government of Argentina (which is currently chairing the G20) high-ranking officials and the heads of the French and German Central banks have outlined the risks of cryptocurrency to investors. It is unknown whether the contents of the letter of money laundering.

As the Japanese authorities, on the discussion directly to this problem (and other illegal actions related to cryptocurrency) insists the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

However, the adoption of a common regulatory strategy is unlikely. According to Reuters, this is due to the fact that the governments of different countries have different approaches to the legalization of virtual assets. However, the leaders of the G20 countries agree on one thing: too strict not really.

The next meeting of G20 will be held in Buenos Aires from March 19 to 20. A key topic of discussion will be the impact of new technologies on society, labour market, education, social inequality and much more.