Despite the low Commission for the transfer and increased the speed of processing transactions, movement of funds declined by more than 2000 confirmed daily operations compared to at least March 2016.

From the graph presented, it follows that the negative trend of transaction volume coincides with the drop in the exchange rate of BTC against the dollar after reaching a historic high in December 2017.

A steady decline occurred in the period when bitcoin tried again to increase the value compared to the December indices. At that time the price of BTC on some major exchanges reached 20 000 USD.

The volume of transactions in BTC is not affected even support Segregated Witness (SegWit), developed by Bitcoin Core and exchanges Coinbase and Bitfinex. At the same time, the downward trend in the number of transfers is not associated with the identified trade potential of bitcoin.

Overview of the most popular trading platforms also has confirmed that at the moment the members of the crypto community prefer to keep their bitcoin assets, rather than cash or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. According to the P2P-resource Localbitcoins in the world in the period from 17 to 24 February this year there was a total of about 57 million transactions in bitcoin is the lowest weekly global turnover of BTC for six months.

The drop in the volume of transactions and a small amount of raw BTC operations resulted in the decrease of the transfer fee. At the time of this writing, the lowest rate on was 20 Satoshi, or approximately 0.0025 $ per byte.