The government of the special administrative region of Hong Kong decided to bring the wave of specialists in various areas of innovation with the help of the special conditions of migration. In the list of priorities, published yesterday on the website of the government, entered the blockchain technology.

In particular, the Programme for migrants with distinctive abilities and skills (QMAS) was supplemented with the category of professionals “with expertise in the field of innovation and technology, including artificial intelligence, robotics, distributed registries, biometrics, industrial/chemical engineering and others.”

Program designed to attract ATS workforce able to “strengthen the economic competitiveness of Hong Kong”, based on quotas. For the approval of applications under QMAS candidate must overcome the lower threshold of the test vehicles (age, qualification and other parameters) and Achievements (recognition in the form of sectoral or General prestigious awards).

Those whose specialization is on the list of Talents (blockchain technologies are included in this category), gain a competitive advantage in the form of bonus points. In the case of blockchain developers, they need to have at least a bachelor’s degree and experience in the “known” companies, preferably in financial projects.

To date, the presence of skilled programmers in Hong Kong mainly provide branches or subsidiaries of Asian companies involved with cryptocurrencies and bloccano: Huobi, Fusang, Bitmain and others.