According to Financial Magnates, the new malicious program for covert mining Monero struck half a million PCs for 3 days. So the attackers got 133 XMR.

According to research company specializing in cyber security, 360 Total Security May, program called WinstarNssmMiner is a particularly high level of threat to users because, in addition to hidden mining that can completely damage your computer.

The report discovered 360 emphasizes that failure of PC systems is performed automatically when identification Winstar antivirus protection:

“The malware is extremely difficult to neutralize because the computers of the victims come in the off state, once activated antivirus”.

At the same time, experts say, the miner quite selective: for example, safety programs are the major producers of antivirus software such as Kaspersky Lab or Avast! inactivate WinstarNssmMiner. The use of similar programs by other companies will launch the miner and fatal crashes PC.

From January 2018, the cases of “intrusion” hidden miners began to occur more often. So, earlier this month it was reported that the program for cryptochallenge Coinhive placed on 300 web pages of educational institutions and government bodies around the world. The same has infected millions of Android devices (according to Malwarebyte).