Exchange cryptocurrency derivatives OnederX opened the opportunity to speculate on the meme. Developed by the platform algorithm allows assessing the activity of MEM-communities and earn bitcoins.

As the magazine ForkLog representatives of the exchange, the idea of launching projects with quotations of popular memes and its own internal currency is not new, but none of these developments were not successful.

In turn, the decision OnederX involves the release of a private exchange non-deliverable futures on the composite index of memes, trade which will allow investors to earn real bitcoins.

Experience in the development of stock exchange instruments from Onederx already there — previously, the stock exchange set open-ended contracts BTC/USD.

Exchange cryptocurrency derivatives is a subsidiary project of the international HFT-Fund with a daily turnover of $200 million While the market pays a Commission to traders who make offers to buy or sell assets on the exchange.

We will remind, in August of 2018 Belarusian startups have created social network Steepshot on the basis of the blockchain, where the users get tokens for likes to your photos.