Representatives of the crypto currency exchange Bitfinex after a year of development and related challenges announced the launch of the beta version of the decentralized trading platform EOSfinex based on EOS.IO. It is assumed that initially trades on the platform will pass without real scriptaction. Used in solution, the smart contract was developed by the staff of Bitfinex and passed the audit the team EOS Argentina.

“Developed by a team Bitfinex EOSfinex combines EOS inherent scalability and the speed with recognized industry expertise Bitfinex to create a fast, transparent and secure platform for trading digital assets. EOSfinex offers all the key components of the crypto currency exchange onchan, including book applications, process information and processing transactions as well as custody decisions,” – said in Bitfinex.

Today’s launch of eosfinex brings unparalleled opportunity to innovate within EOS and to pioneer research within security, performance and scalability. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. https://t.co/hkznkhj6kd

— eosfinex (@eosfinexproject) March 28, 2019

Recall that Bitfinex was planning to introduce a beta version in September last year. Earlier, representatives of the exchange explained that it had chosen the EOS technology.IO after considerable research and testing protocols for compliance with the requirements of the marketplace on the blockchain. Purpose EOS.IO — processing tens of thousands transactions per second with low fees and confirmation time transaction is completely matched to these requirements.