Eosfinex trading platform, developed by parent company crypto-exchange Bitfinex Protocol EOSIO, announced the start “paper” trading, i.e. without the use of real assets.

Today’s launch of eosfinex brings unparalleled opportunity to innovate within EOS and to pioneer research within security, performance and scalability. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. https://t.co/hkznkhj6kd

— eosfinex (@eosfinexproject) March 28, 2019

“Users are given the opportunity to experiment with the platform eosfinex and trading strategies in the simulated environment and earn rewards by providing feedback,” writes the company.

To gain access to the platform, the user must have an account in the blockchain EOS, which will be credited with a set of test tokens, including EOX – own token sidechained eosfinex.

The primary advantage of the eosfinex called “the combination of scalability and speed of the blockchain EOS gained experience Bitfinex providing transparent and fast platform for trading digital assets.” Key components of the trading platform, including the order book, the engine for their comparison and storage assets were transferred by the developers Bitfinex on the blockchain EOS. Smart contract eosfinex passed the audit team EOS Argentina. In the coming days will launch a program to find bugs.

Paper Trading is live!! After 8 months of work we finally reached this big milestone. We welcome everyone to test it and help us to make it better. Soon we’ll release our open source smart contract and we’ll open the mainnet! A special thanks to the #EOS community! @bitfinex https://t.co/iCD5FObf48

— Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) March 28, 2019

“Open paper trade! After 8 months of works, we finally reached this key point. We invite everyone to test the platform and help us improve it. Special thanks to the EOS community,” he wrote on Twitter technical Director Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino.

For the first time eosfinex was announced in February 2018. The launch pad was postponed several times. According to the updated roadmap in may will end the beta phase and will release the first complete version, and in June the code will be open to the community for further optimization.

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