Indian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsecure reported the theft 438 bitcoins, which at the current exchange rate is about $3.24 million This incident was the largest case of its kind in the history of the country.

It is assumed that the kidnapping involved the research Director Coinsecure Amitabh Saxena (Amitabh Saxena).

The exchange has contacted the police on 10 April. The statement said that on April 9 Saxena informed the leadership about the kidnapping 438 bitcoin wallet of the company due to a hacker attack. However, given the facts he was not convinced the administration that the matter involved third-party. According to the head of Coinsecure , Calry of Mohit (Mohit Kalra), Saxena came up with a story in order to divert suspicion from himself.

In comments to Times of India Kalra said that private keys have been exported online:

“It seems that we are talking about a premeditated crime. We shared our suspicions with the cyberpolice and got in touch with specialists to find the source of the attack and track bitcoins”.

Coinsecure has invited Amitabha Saxena for the post of Director of scientific work in September 2017. Prior to joining the company top Manager worked in Hewlett Packard (HP) and Accenture and was a Professor in computer science in Australia.

In a statement to the police Kalra also said that Saxena may try to fly out of the country, and asked to confiscate his passport so he couldn’t do it.

With regard to stolen funds, the exchange is assured that all affected customers will receive a refund of personal funds the management of the company.