On 30 April, the platform for forecasting cryptocurrency markets Cryptics released software based on the blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) and self-learning. We are talking about the MVP version (minimal viable product), which now requires alpha testing.

The project team contends that she developed algorithms are able to track daily changes in the cryptocurrency market and predict their future behavior in real-time. IN addition, will allow you to trade in automatic mode. The developers say that the platform bases its forecasts using a variety of sources to encompass relevant (useful) signals.

According to the developers, the use of artificial intelligence contributes to precision, maximum efficiency and security of trade transactions. Mathematical algorithms and AI in the cryptocurrency space, significantly reduce risks, simplify the process of investing and increase profits.

Oleg Tereshchenko, one of the developers of the product Cryptics, noted that investors typically use the tools that were developed for other markets and, accordingly, may not be the most effective for volatile cryptocurrency. He also said that the tokens platform aims to improve transparency and security of transactions (the last will be charged the minimum fee).

Cryptics on the website you can see the product that allows you to track and predict the movement of prices of major digital currencies. For example, it is interesting that the predicted platform rate Ethereum with an accuracy of more than 70%.

According to another developer, the Wall Mayer, artificial intelligence, and neural networks are ideal for data collection and compilation of accurate predictions. He also says that the product Cryptics has unique algorithms, and transparency of user interaction.

The primary token platform Cryptics will be QRP. With it, users will be able to buy forecasts to structure their investments and have access to all the features of the product. The platform intends to encourage users for inviting new participants in the system referral program.

It should be noted that these services are becoming more common due to the huge demand for the cryptocurrency. Projects that relied on artificial intelligence and the so-called collective mind, and were previously. However, the developers Cryptics believe that the best option is a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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