Well-known venture capitalist and founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson expressed the view that over the next four years, the price of “digital gold” will grow about 30 times, and by 2022 will reach $250 million. It is reported Bitcoinist.

During his speech at the Blockparty 2018 in the “Draper University” in San MATEO (CA) investor urged listeners to ignore the opinion of those who give somewhat more reserved and pessimistic forecasts.

“I think bitcoin will reach $250 million by 2022… Believe me, it will happen. They will think that you are crazy, but believe me, it will happen and it will be awesome!”, he said.

During an interview with the Daily Journal Draper noted that the blockchain is one of the most outstanding inventions in the history of mankind.

In 2014 Tim Draper has purchased nearly 32 000 BTC to auction confiscated by U.S. authorities of funds trading platform Silk Road. Then he paid for it with the number of coins about $18 million, but today he owned bitcoins worth more than $250 million.

Previously, Tim Draper suggested that the advent of blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomy, Finance and the ICO has forever changed financial market, allowing to involve in the economy of the people deprived of the opportunity to use banking services.