Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian predicts that in 2018, the price of Ethereum will reach $15 000. About it on may 2 announced the publication of Fortune.

Ohanian, who is now fully focused on managing the venture company, the Initialized Capital, said in an interview:

At the end of the year bitcoin will be worth $20 000, and Ethereum will reach $15 000. Great, now people can challenge me to a duel if I’m wrong.

Ohanyan also said that optimistic about the dynamics of Ethereum, since “people are actually building [the app] on it.”

If the prediction Ohanyan will be true, the market cap of Ethereum should grow from the current $67 billion to $2.5 trillion. while bitcoin may recover to last year’s record prices and market capitalization of $340 billion.

Ohanian of Initialized Capital manages assets of more than $250 million the Company has invested in Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. Ohanyan said in an interview that investing in innovative technology has become a priority for him. In his view, although the blockchain is a promising technology that will take another couple of years, that he revealed his true potential:

This year all related to Baccano, but most of these projects are just hype and nonsense, as it was with the artificial intelligence and machine learning. A large part of the real underlying blockchain infrastructure needs to be built in the next year or two — so we really saw web 3.0, which I hope… These things, I think, will create the Foundation for a new Internet which will be much better.

In 2006, Ohanian sold Reddit publishing house Conde Nast for $10 million to $20 million.

In April the CEO of an independent financial consultancy company deVere Group, Nigel green predicted that by the end of 2018, the price of Ethereum will reach $2500. According to him, a fourfold increase can occur as a result of the growing recognition of Ethereum, and the use of smart contracts.

Bitcoin is back on Reddit?

Meanwhile, on Thursday, may 3, in an interview with the Cheddar chief technology officer Reddit Chris Slowey said that in March in connection with the growth of commissions of bitcoin, and also because of problems with its integration through cryptocurrency payment processor Coinbase Reddit was forced to withdraw from the main cryptocurrency as a method of payment. However, according to him, this payment option is likely to be restored as soon as you finish the redesign of the platform.

In addition, Slowey said that Reddit intends to expand the list of accepted digital currency. He said

We are considering other cryptocurrencies. Part of the problem was in the network of bitcoin. Now we are also thinking about implementing litecoin, and Ethereum that can be processed by Coinbase.