The UN children’s Fund (UNICEF) intends to use the computing power of computers of his supporters to collect donations with the help of mining cryptocurrency, writes ITnews Australia.

The organization launched the “Page of hope” — a website that mines bitcoin using the computing power of the computers of visitors.

UNICEF reports that the site “will allow Australians to provide assistance and to give hope to vulnerable children simply by opening the page”.

According to information on the website, a “Page of hope” allows users to determine how much computing power they wish to grant for mining.

“Mining is completely safe for your computer. If the amount of consumed energy starts to bother you, reduce the amount of computing power you provide,” writes UNICEF.

Extracted thus the bitcoin is converted to Fiat and transferred in favor of the Australian branch of the organization, which buys drinking water, food, medicines, etc.

Mining is carried out using the embedded version of the script Coinhive. The computing power of computers of visitors to the site used for the extraction of the Monero cryptocurrency.

As the Director of fundraising and communications of the Australian branch of UNICEF Jennifer Tierney, the organization was looking for the possibility of applying new technologies to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis and raise funds.

At the time of publication, around 1 700 people have submitted their computing power to mining through page UNICEF.