Twitter said that taking measures to prevent the use of cryptocurrency scams accounts platform.

“We know about this form of manipulation and actively introduce a number of signals to prevent interaction of such types of accounts with others in a deceptive manner,” — said in a statement.

The most famous cases of fraud in the cryptocurrency Twitter were associated with the creation of fake accounts known cryptosuite people. For example, fake account Creator Litecoin Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee) asked users to send 0,3 LTC to the address below in the answer they could obtain from 3 LTC allegedly allocated If funds for the community. The accounting fraud scheme was used with a fake account Vitalik Buterin, but of course, there appeared cryptocurrency Ethereum.

In the past month, scammers have even used the fake account person is very famous, but far from cryptocurrency — Elon musk (Elon Musk).

Fraud schemes were improved, and the crooks have even learned how to use verified accounts with the blue label.

Earlier Facebook and Instagram were forced to prohibit any advertising related to binary options cryptocurrencies and ICO, as “often misleading”. And the creators of advertising began looking for ways to circumvent the ban.

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) also dealt with this problem. In response to a tweet in which Emin Kyeong-Sier (Emin Gün Sirer), associate Professor at Cornell University, wrote that “the crooks are out of control,” Dorsey said, “We know.”

We are on it.

— jack (@jack) March 6, 2018