From September 2017 the number of sites in the code which is hidden miners, grew by 725%, which is associated with the growth rate of Monero. To such conclusion analysts of company Cyren Security Lab, studied the work of 500 thousand sites.

In October 2017, sites, hidden mining Monero, became in 3 times more, and after some slowdown in December and January, the trend was characterized by more explosive growth. According to estimates Cyren Security Lab, 2018 XMR covertly mined the owners of at least 7,000 sites.

Cyren Security LabHowever “Kaspersky Lab” believe that for 2017 the attacks of malicious programs suffered 2.7 million users.

And according to Avast, hackers can hack any equipment connected to the Internet and use it for mining cryptocurrency. For example, for 4 days 15000 infected devices can obtain cryptocurrency to $1000.

We will remind that on February 11, more than a thousand sites in the US and the UK, including government Internet resources, have been infected with code that causes web browsers hidden to mine Monero. A little later the specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” found cases of exploitation of a vulnerability in the application Telegram for Windows for mining cryptocurrency.

In mid-August, the price of XMR was $50,17, in January it showed a historic record of $492 for the token, and after falling to $164 in early February, in March rose to $372.