In February, the Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitly announced the government’s intention to tighten regulation of cryptocurrency in the country. The objective of the measures is to prevent illegal financial transactions. A month later, the regulator banned all companies in the country operations with cryptocurrency. Now example was followed by Pakistan.

The Central Bank of Pakistan has imposed a ban for operations with cryptocurrency for all companies and legal entities in the country. Among other organizations are prohibited to conduct transactions in bitcoin, to keep, to pay for coins advertising or sell digital money.

In the message of the Pakistani Central Bank notes that digital money is not yet legalized in the country. This means that the government cannot act as a guarantor of their stability.

The government declared war against the cryptocurrency, not only in Asia. Yesterday, the Office of financial regulation in the UK (FCA) announced the introduction of criminal liability for entrepreneurs who conduct unregistered ICO and trade futures for free.