According to the Executive Secretary of the Venezuelan “Observatory blockchain” Daniel singing, imposed by US President Donald trump sanctions against El Petro are essentially “free advertising” of this digital currency. It is reported by CCN.

Peña says that the decree forbidding U.S. citizens from any transactions with “secure oil” cryptocurrency, helped to double the number of interested in El Petro investors.

During an interview with local newspaper Cuatro F the singing expressed the opinion that cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology of the blockchain are “important steps for a revolution of humanity”.

The cover of the latest issue of the publication Cuatro F

According to him, Venezuela has chosen the right path, and US sanctions — only confirm this.

“Just such a busy person [like Donald trump] was allocated at this time, it means that we are on the right track”, — shared his opinion of the singing.

Thus, he believes that US sanctions caused the so-called “boomerang effect” in the form of high interest in the project El Petro. According to singing, if earlier, on average, there were about 400 investors in the day, after the introduction of sanctions trump that number has doubled.

To the question about when to improve the state of the Venezuelan economy, Daniel peña said the following:

“The impact of Petro will be felt within three to six months. We have already moved forward significantly. Gringos know what we intend quickly to reform our economy, and therefore attacking the Bolivarian government. However, they will never stop the growth of the economy, they know about it”

ForkLog previously reported that one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bitfinex refused to include in the listing El Petro (PTR). Missing “secure oil” cryptocurrency and popular analytical service CoinMarketCap.