The administration of the social network Twitter has suspended the account of @Bitcoin, which is known for “antibilingual” sentiment and active support of Bitcoin Cash.

Executive Director of publications and a prominent supporter of the coin Roger Ver has said that it is “the death of freedom of speech”.

So this is how free speech dies…with thunderous applause.@bitcoin

— Roger Ver (@rogerkver) 8 APR 2018

“And so dies freedom of speech… under thunderous applause” — wrote Ver in Twitter, to paraphrase a quote from the third episode of “Star wars”.

It should be noted that the account @Bitcoin had no official relationship to the first cryptocurrency. In addition, the current — account is not the first case when the administration imposes sanctions Twitter account. In the past, this was the result of a survey where users of Bitcoin Core was called “the hordes of Internet haters and trolls”, while the community of Bitcoin Cash presented as “friendly, sympathetic and appreciating freedom.”

Karma is a $BCH. _(ツ)_/ What goes around comes around. Losing the millions you spend on getting the handle is pretty priceless though.

— WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) 8 APR 2018

“As you sow, so shall you reap. However, the loss of millions spent on the purchase of your account, — priceless”, — said the famous cryptanthus WhalePanda.

In turn, the Creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee has formulated its reaction to the blocking of your account simply is a crying with laughter smiley.

Oh snap! @bitcoin 😂

— Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) 8 APR 2018

A little later he added that “freedom of speech is not dead just because a private company blocked the account”.

“If Twitter had frozen all the accounts of the supporters Bcash, it would be censorship. But even in this case, the question is not about freedom of speech because you are free to use a different platform”, added Lee.

No Roger, freedom of speech doesn’t die because one private company is suspended an account. 🤦♂app

If Twitter suspended all accounts of Bcash supporters, then that’s censoring and bad. Yet, still nothing to do with freedom of speech as you are FREE to use a different platform.

— Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) 8 APR 2018

As it turned out, the administration of Twitter, apparently, is not just locked, but completely deleted the account @Bitcoin, as one of the users (presumably from Turkey) managed to perezalivat the appropriate account.

This random that took over the @bitcoin account must think twitter is the coolest thing ever. He logs on and within an hour has 2500 followers, says hello and gets 1000 likes…

— Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) 8 APR 2018

“This random person who got the account @Bitcoin believes must be that Twitter is the coolest thing in the world. He logged on and within an hour he already had 2500 readers. Said “Hello” and got 1,000 likes”, — said the journalist CNBC Ren Neuner.

It should be noted at the time of publication, the Twitter account @Bitcoin have changed once again, however, access to the message this user is limited, the “only approved members can see tweets and complete profile”.

We will remind, on April 3, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin in real time commented on Twitter a two-hour promotional presentation Bitcoin Cash held by Australian businessman Craig Wright and a founder of the magazine Roger Ver, and eventually ended the skirmish.