Google is actively working on creating its own blockchain solutions to support cloud infrastructure. As it became known, one of the units Google Inc. developing a distributed registry that third parties can use for posting and verification of transactions.

In addition, she is considering licensing the new system, which will allow other companies to use it on their servers. The basis of the distributed registry Google can be put technology consortium Hyperledger, however, is not the only option under discussion.

According to unnamed sources from Bloomberg, so the company wants to break away from competitors in the industry. However, the Internet giant is investing in projects with blockchain expertise, often without disclosing this information publicly.

We will remind that since June of this year, Google banned advertisements that promote cryptocurrency and ICO, in their services. Russian cryptosporidial Vladimir Orekhov has already filed a lawsuit to the court against Russian legal entities by Google Inc (“Google”), accusing the company of causing him moral damages in the amount of 2 billion rubles through the advertising ban cryptocurrency. Nuts insists that Google has refused to ban.