Google is working on its own distributed registry based on the blockchain. Technology should enhance cloud services company and make it the most competitive compared to the young startups who are already working in an online environment. About it Bloomberg reported its sources familiar with the situation.

According to one of interlocutors of the edition, access to the registry will be opened to third parties for sending remittances and their verification. The exact timing of the launch of DLT is unknown, but clear the main task is the differentiation of cloud services Google against similar services from competitors. Also, the development will have a white label version, which other companies can use on their servers.

In 2016, Google launched a pilot program for developers to use the blockchain in the cloud. According to one of Bloomberg sources, the last few months, the task force members under the supervision of the Department head of cloud services Diane green (Diane Greene) was actively working on improved blockchain protocols. In addition, the online giant continues to acquire and invest in startups who have experience with DLT. Taken together, these facts as confirmation of interlocutors by Bloomberg suggests that the company is preparing to introduce the technology at a broad level.

Competitors Google use distributed registries — basis, providing the circulation and production of all cryptocurrencies, for safe keeping histories and transaction processing via the Internet. Adaptation of such technologies would allow Google to strengthen the security of customer data and gain more confidence.

With all the enthusiasm of Google against the blockchain technology, the company took a clearly negative stance towards the cryptocurrency — at least for the moment. We will remind that since July, comes into force the updated advertising policy of the Corporation, which prohibits the promotion of everything related to virtual assets, ICO and cryptocurrency exchanges.