Chinese giant e-Commerce published white paper of the launch of the new platform “blockchain as a service” (Blockchain-as-a-service, BaaS).

A technical paper developed by the Center blockchain technology JD, it describes the different areas that focus the work of the company in connection with the launch of the platform BaaS, bound to the database.

Service BaaS company will provide blockchain-tools for application development in the following areas:

  • data tracking of the supply chain;
  • public services (government taxation and authentication charitable donations);
  • financial settlement and transfer of securities;
  • fraud prevention in insurance;
  • the security of the data.

“JD is actively building and opening his own BaaS platform, to enable the government, logistics industry, financial institutions and other companies to launch blockchain-application”, — the document says.

Earlier the Chinese company opened blockchain accelerator AI Catapult Accelerator (AICA), which will focus on the potential of startups in the field of the use of technology.

Recall that in January an open platform type, BaaS launched the Internet giant Baidu, which owns the largest search engine in China. The service received the name Baidu Trust.