The Finance Ministry of Belarus has issued national accounting standard of cryptocurrency.

A document titled the national standard of accounting and reporting “Digital signs (tokens)”, adopted before the entry into force of presidential Decree No. 8 “On the development of the digital economy”.

The standard defines that the organization of the tokens are accepted for accounting, depending on the way in which they are received. Tokens extracted by mining should take place in the debit account “Finished goods”. Acquired for the implementation of the rights certified by the tokens — in the debit of the account “Long-term investments” or “Short-term financial investments”. If the tokens are purchased for subsequent sale, they are in the debit account “Goods”.

In the document of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus determined approaches to the evaluation token. Also it contains information about what accounting information in digital currencies is subject to disclosure.

Decree No. 8 “On the development of the digital economy,” President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko takes effect March 28.

Earlier, in connection with the signing of Belarus decree “On the development of the digital economy,” Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev stated that there is a risk of move operations with cryptocurrencies from Russia to Belarus.