The American company Dash Core Group, the developer of the cryptocurrency Dash, filed a provisional application for patent platform Evolution, the updated roadmap which was presented in the summer of 2017.

Recall that Dash Core Group leads the development of payment platforms peer-to-peer, which should become a decentralized online payment system, usability is not inferior to PayPal. Earlier, representatives of the company said that the platform will be launched in June 2018.

Dash’s patent application relates to registration and storage of metadata on blockchain user accounts on the platform Evolution. The developers emphasize that the application was filed to protect its technology: a patent will eliminate the possibility of the use of technology by criminals, when the platform becomes available to third parties, and will not allow attempts to patent and monetize innovation.

According to developers, the company will on its own initiative to license their own innovations, working, including, in the public interest. Using “a number of licensing criteria,” the company intends to cooperate with third-party organizations on the principle of a free license, confident that no one will use the technology in ways that “contradict long-term objectives Dash against mass implementation of the network.”

“Platform Evolution will represent impressive improvements Dash, and we can’t wait for the moment when you officially start Alfa-version of the platform that are expected this year. This patent application is a major milestone for us and gives us the opportunity to begin to share our suggestions for improvement, including a series of technical documents covering the Evolution technology, with the Dash community in the coming weeks,” said CEO Dash Core Ryan Taylor (Ryan Taylor).

The patent, among the developers which include the Evan Duffield (Evan Duffield), Andy Frier (Andy Freer), Timothy Flynn (Timothy Flynn), Nathan Marley (Nathan Marley) and others, relates to the overlay of an existing Protocol Dash. Additions to the Protocol will determine the ability to work with blockchain-user accounts and metadata store, and sets rules governing the interaction between accounts that support the principle of decentralization Dash.

“We think the community will understand and appreciate the logic, and we see this as another important step towards improving the professionalism of the industry of digital currencies as a whole, and the protection of our revolutionary technology Evolution,” said Taylor.

The patent itself is impossible to find in the public domain — it is expected to be available to the public within 18 months after it is filed with the main application.

It should be noted that new technology with which the developers plan to acquaint members of the community will probably allow the team Dash to create their own protocols for decentralized applications “on top” of the Dash, providing the ability to connect such convenient functions as password recovery and regular payments.

“This leap forward will be possible through the use of data contracts developed by Dash. Opposed to smart contracts is that calculations are performed at the client level, not in the core network, but the data and communication all the same is confirmed in the blockchain,” explained Ryan Taylor.

According to the developers, this will not only give developers more opportunity, but also make Dash available to a wider audience the company is always focused on how to make cryptocurrencies accessible to all users, “regardless of the level of technical knowledge.”

“Our goal is to provide users with absolute convenience and easy to use services such as PayPal, without sacrificing the unique benefits offered by decentralization of the blockchain. The quality of customer service and accessibility was one of the most serious obstacles in order to bring cryptocurrency to the masses in the broadest sense of the word, and we are confident that the platform Evolution will play a key role in solving this problem”, — said the developers.