Forum Reddit has suspended accepting bitcoin payments as payment for reddit gold, a premium program for subscribers because of failures in the operation of the service Coinbase Commerce, according to

“Some bugs when you pay with bitcoin using Coinbase Commerce had a negative impact on the process of buying some users. This was the reason for the cancellation options bitcoin payments. We will assess the demand and progress of the platform Coinbase Commerce before making the decision to restore this method of payment,” — said the user emoney4.

Reddit has also removed the page r/Darknetmarkets where users were discussing ways to spend a fully anonymous cryptocurrency for the black market.

Earlier it became known that in December of 2017 in a smart contract cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase vulnerability was discovered, which gave users the ability to manipulate the balance, remitting to him an unlimited number of tokens, Ethereum.

The exchange was able to eliminate the bug in January and paid a reward for its discovery in the amount of $10 thousand.