Calendar the hottest happenings from the world of cryptocurrencies, which directly affect the value of the token.

Date The name cryptocurrency/event Description
1 Mar NEO (NEO) Binance credited tokens ONT the holders of NEO
1 Mar Pura (PURA) release beta version of Aurora
5 Mar Ethereum Classic (ETC) Callisto Airdrop, ETC all holders will receive tokens Callisto Coin in the ratio 1to1
5 Mar Cardano (ADA) upgrade road map
March 8 Pura (PURA) release Aurora c automatic deployment masternode
14 Mar Monero (XMR) hardform new anaonimno coins MoneroV(XMV), the holders of Monero will receive new tokens at a ratio of 1 XMR: 10 XMV
March 15 Burst (BURST) hardwork 470 000 block implementation of the Protocol PoC2
March 15 IOStoken(IOST) adding the code in open access on GitHub
20 Mar ByteCoin (BCN) release of a completely redesigned wallet ByteCoin
21 Mar TRON (TRX) a network Testnet
23 Mar Bitcoin Cash (BCH) conference Satoshi in Japan Vision
30 Mar ZenCash (ZEN) launch e-wallet for mobile devices
March 31, TRON (TRX) burning coin/ launch of the beta version of Exodus
March 31, Ethereum Classic (ETC) release their own wallet Emerald
March 31, Siacoin (SC) upgrade the file system
March 31, Verge (XVG) launching smart contracts RSK/mobile transactions through I2P network
March 31, Vertcoin (VTC) launch exchange Vertbase
March 31, Stratis (STRAT) release of smart contracts .NET developers/ release mobile application for iOS
March 31, EOS (EOS) EOS Dawn 3.0
March 31, IOTA (MIOTA) beta release of the mobile version of the purse Trinity
March 31, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) re-branding + generate unique addresses Bech32
March 31, Syscoin (SYS) launching masternode, ICO on the Syscoin platform
March 31, Enjin Coin (ENJ) C#&Unity SDK release
March 31, Waves (WAVES) smart contracts + support hardware wallets + updates mobile apps
March 31, Red Pulse (RPX) the launch of the new platform, Python/Django