ICO (initial placement of the coins) is not the only one who is enriched from the sale of tokens.

According to the Next Autonomous research LLP, cryptocurrency exchanges require millions of dollars from the operators of the ICO seeking to provide a place for their token on a major trade platforms.

“The cost of the listing (host) token on the stock exchange ranges from 1 million USD for the token to 3 million dollars for the opportunity to obtain quick liquidity,” reports Autonomous.

And this, of course, excluding the cost of transaction fees or executed orders at the beginning of trading.

Not surprisingly, this practice has become commonplace, given that most new launches cryptocurrencies are held in the form of ICO and operators sale of tokens needs to use part of the funds they collect to advance your token.

The price at which the projects pay for obtaining a listing on the cryptocurrency exchange is much higher than the fee charged by traditional companies in connection with initial public offering (IPO).

For example, in order to get on the Nasdaq, the company can expect to pay approximately 125 000 to 300 000 US dollars and they must pay an annual service fee to provide their status on the platform.

Given the cost of one promotional tweet from the famous crypto-enthusiast John McAfee, and it’s $105 000, the cost of the token does not seem so big.

Moreover, in the case of ICO, in particular, declares that he is a utility token (the token of the Protocol itself), – payment exchange for the accelerated listing of the token causes a complex regulatory question.

The fee for the placement of the token on the exchange, to a greater or lesser degree creates secondary market, which regulatory body such as the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), takes into account when determining whether the token is safe. And it’s not just a problem for the operators ICO, SEC also warned the exchange that the placement of tokens without registration fee illegally.