SMS Software Inc today announced the public launch of its services to CoinText, which allows anyone with a mobile phone to send and receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) without Internet using short message service (SMS).

This beta release is limited to English version CoinText in the following countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands. Full list of regions with access numbers can be found on

“CoinText is the easiest and most powerful way to use Bitcoin Cash, because it works with any type of mobile phone, and you don’t have knowledge of the cryptocurrency to use it,” said co-founder and technical Director Vin Armani.

CoinText – a software wallet with the level of communication via SMS. It does not require users to register, download the app or even your own smartphone. Because users interact with their wallet using BCH text messages, CoinText works on any mobile platform including Apple, Android, Samsung and Microsoft.

Almost two thousand people signed up for CoinText to be the first to get the opportunity to try this service. New users get the purse, passing on the right team CoinText or when someone sends BCH to your phone number via text message.

The first user who wrote the word CASH on the access number will also receive a complimentary BCH $ 0.50 USD (50 cents USD). This service is funded by community donation Bitcoin Cash, and 100% of the funds go directly to new users.

SMS payments are not new. Company financial services M-Pesa annually makes billions of SMS transactions in Africa. Recently added Apple Pay payment feature SMS for iPhone users. Early drafts of Coinapult Bitcoin and BitPesa were the pioneers of SMS transfer in the cryptocurrency industry.

To be competitive, CoinText use of the instantaneous speed of Bitcoin transactions, Cash (0-conf), the network charges one percent and network calculations that the network is Bitcoin (BTC) no longer supports.

Purse CoinText is controlled via simple SMS commands such as BALANCE, RECEIVE and SEND. And text messages HELP display all the commands.

The team of BCH sent from one phone to another in the United States is:

SEND $ 1 18005556060.

To send a BCH from the phone to a bitcoin Cash-the address of the required command:

SEND $ 1 1BeNrgvtsqee2zYF4no7UV5uMe1MNx5fhs

Users in countries outside the United States, Canada and Australia should replace the dollar sign a symbol of their local currency.

For security all messages SEND protected with two-factor authentication is available only on the user’s mobile device.

All transactions are made directly on the blockchain in the wallet of the user. CoinText is not able to change or censor the transaction and can’t recover the funds, if users lose their phone or phone number. If users want more privacy, they can also obtain the private key for your wallet CoinText.

CoinText charge, equivalent to approximately 0.05 USD (5 cents USD) to SEND messages. This fee remains constant, regardless of how much Cash Bitcoin moves from one wallet to another. The fee may differ depending on the region.

CoinText is conducting a public beta test to get a reliable tool, before the world launch in fifty-four countries with more than 5.1 billion people by the end of 2018.