A resident of Lucerne, Swiss, Thomas T. lost the flash drive and hard disk with data to manage their cryptocurrency wallet that holds 800 thousand francs. It is reported portal aboutswiss.ch.

Usually a resident of Lucerne Thomas keeps his cryptocurrency reserves in a Bank vault and takes him out no more than twice a year, when you need to carry out the transaction. April 9 in the evening he went to the Bank, took his savings, then went shopping at one of the stores of Migros. Since then, the package he was never seen again.

“I don’t know whether I forgot it in the car, and someone stole something, or I then left the package,” says the man.

Thomas wrote a statement to the police. Whoever will return him to the media, he promises to pay 5% of lost or 40 thousand francs. To contact the owner of the cryptocurrency can be reached at [email protected] According to Thomas, the outsider will not be able to use the data from flash and hard disk, for example, to keep the money for himself.

To deal with the cryptocurrency Thomas started in the beginning of 2017. He invested in the purchase of digital currency Neos about 50 000 francs. For the year, this amount has become 800 thousand francs. There were times when the cryptocurrency was worth 1.6 million francs.

In Switzerland, cryptocurrencies are interested in every 10th resident.Despite the fall in the value of the most popular digital currency – bitcoin (today it gives less than $10 000, while in December 2017 – more than $19 000) in the current year cash ready to invest 11% of citizens aged 18 to 35 years.