Founded by brothers Winklevoss bitcoin exchange, Gemini has announced a partnership with Nasdaq, which will utilize the latest technology SMARTS Market Surveillance to monitor trading operations.

As stated in the official report, this technology is considered the most common monitoring system of trade in the world, and thanks to her Gemini will be able to track all your trading pairs, including BTC/USD, ETH/USD and BTC/ETH.

Additionally, SMARTS Market Surveillance will help the Gemini to monitor activity during the daily bitcoin of the auctions closing, the results of which is determined by the price of futures contracts Bitcoin XBT traded on the Chicago derivatives exchange Cboe.

“Since its launch Gemini pursued an aggressive policy compliance and tracking programmes which, we believe, make our exchange and the entire cryptocurrency industry better. Use the SMARTS Market Surveillance Nasdaq from will help Gemini to consolidate their status adhering to the rules of trading platform”, — said CEO of Gemini Tyler Winklevoss.

It should be noted that Gemini was the first major representative of the bitcoin industry, which has decided to use a specialized solution to monitor user behaviour and identify suspicious activity.

At the same time, not all market participants are sympathetic to such initiatives. So, a recent post on the California exchange Kraken expressed its position regarding the regulation, stating that the majority of capturadora not attach much importance to the protection of market manipulation. Also last week, Kraken has refused to cooperate with the authorities of the state of new York, saying he did not intend to give a response to the request of state attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who demanded a number of exchanges of information disclosure about their activities.

In March, the founders of the bitcoin exchange Gemini brothers Winklevoss called the main goal of the platform for 2018 adding new cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash