Telecommunication platform BubbleTone launched a blockchain service that will allow travelers to directly connect to foreign mobile operators at local rates, eliminating roaming charges. About this magazine ForkLog said the representatives of the company.

To use this service to tourists and the local operator does not need to have preliminary agreements.

“The traveler buys the tariff plan directly from the local operator via a blockchain-based platform, and the contractual relationship between them can be adjusted by using smart contracts. It’s computer algorithms that guarantee that if you make a payment communication service will necessarily be provided”, — said the representatives of BubbleTone.

Thus, the travelers become local subscribers in the country, without replacing SIM cards and without the loss of “home” rooms. They get calls and mobile Internet at local rates — the cost of communication compared to the usual roaming charges reduced on average 10 times.

“The roaming business has not changed for over 30 years, it is very expensive and for the subscribers and for the cellular companies. We create great infrastructure platform for the Telecom market, which will allow you to avoid expensive international roaming”, — said the head of the project Yuri Morozov.

According to the whitepaper, the platform BubbleTone uses the possibilities inherent in standard GSM communication. They allow the tourist to “download” his SIM card mobile profile of the foreign operator. When the traveler is within the coverage area of this operator, SIM card with mobile profile connects to the network directly, considering it “home”. Subject to local rates for calls, SMS and mobile Internet.

In turn operators also beneficial to provide services using the direct connection of the tourist to their network. They do not need to bear heavy costs of inter-operator agreements and mediation, which are inevitable for traditional roaming. Use of the platform does not require additional investments.

Currently the beta version of the platform is available in Google Play and App Store.

Recall that in late 2014 ForkLog published material about what would happen if the blockchain will replace the SIM card.