26 APR purses the bankrupt exchange Mt Gox was removed 16 000 bitcoins (around $150 million at current exchange rates).

According to the service CryptoGround, which monitors the status of the remaining wallets Mt Gox, bitcoins were withdrawn from four separate locations, and then none of them BTC left.

Wallets Mt Gox are under the control of the head of the Board of Trustees Nobuaki Kobayashi (Nobuaki Kobayashi), who since the beginning of December organized several rounds of a massive sale of bitcoins to pay off creditors of the exchange. It is noteworthy that whenever the bitcoins to the addresses associated with Mt Gox were in motion, the course of bitcoin fell.

Despite the active sale, currently on the wallets of the bankrupt exchange is still more than 146 thousand BTC.

Yesterday Mt Gox wallets were also withdrawn 16 000 BCH. This was done for four transactions.

Recall that the collapse of bitcoin exchange Mt Gox in 2014 became one of the biggest events in cryptocurrency economy. In the period from 2011 to 2013 at the site has focused a significant portion of the trading volumes of Bitcoin. It is believed that is largely due to the MtGox price of BTC for the first time crossed the mark of $1000.