The founders of the bitcoin exchange Gemini brothers Winklevoss called the main goal of the platform for 2018 adding new cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash. The announcement came Thursday, March 8, at the Cboe Risk Management Conference in Florida, according to Bloomberg.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss from @GeminiDotCom discuss #bitcoin and cryptocurrencies today at #CboeRMC

— Cboe (@CBOE) 8 March 2018

As noted, these plans have an increased value for the CBOE Global Markets Inc., partner at Gemini trading futures bitcoin. Previously, the Chicago derivatives exchange CBOE has signaled that it may add futures and other cryptocurrencies.

Theoretically, the CBOE can now add futures on Ethereum, which is also trading at Gemini, but the addition of new assets will require the same first step from the platform brothers Winklevoss, the auction price which formed the basis for bitcoin contracts.

The agreement, under which CBOE uses the data provided by Gemini, was concluded in the summer of 2017.