Project: Banca

Token: BANCA


What it is: a New type of community investment banks, based on blockchain technology

Start ICO: 10.02.2018 G.

Price token: ~ $0.003

The total output tokens 20 billion.

Hard cap: $20 million


About the project Banca

Banca is a new type of community investment banks, based on blockchain technology. Banca will use AI and expert system to achieve the dynamics of the eco-chain and automatic control. Big data analysis is used to provide accurate services to various participants with specific needs.

The project has a number of advantages compared to the traditional investment banking community (The Wall Street), among which are equality of opportunity for all participants and fair competition. Due to the concept of each client can be an investor.

The main components of the concept:

✔ The blockchain technology makes it possible to create platform based on a business agreement, mechanisms of trust and the remuneration system of the community.

✔ Artificial intelligence in combination with the system of expert estimates is used to achieve effective automated environmental control system.

✔ Processing and analysis of large amounts of data allows you to assess the quality of services, professional skills and reputation of each participant.

✔ Smart contracts provide automatic performance conditions, security and data accuracy.

✔ Smart search allows customers to quickly find information and services.

📖 White Paper (Engl.):

The startup team

The development project is a company Banca Foundation, registered in Singapore. The project team consists of experts from wall street and professionals in the field of modern technologies and artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley. The team consists of 9 people, including:

✔ Linda Chen, Director: 12 years of experience in investment management in banks and hedge funds wall street. Has experience running start-UPS. Created my own business Golden Bridge International, Shanghai Caichi Asset Management Co.

✔ Yuhan Cai, technical Director leading expert in the financial technology space in Silicon Valley with 16 years experience in the field of technology development, including experience in a managerial position. Previously worked at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple and other major technology companies.


Tokens BANCA represent the domestic currency platform, which can be used to pay for any services and transactions within the platform. An additional issue token not provided.

The distribution of tokens:

  • 35% – ICO;
  • 17% – the development of the project;
  • 12% – early investors;
  • 18% – marketing;
  • 18% team.

Details ICO Banca

Pre-ICO was closed during the week and raised more than $ 13 million. Public sale of the tokens will start on February 10. The estimated cost of a token is: 1 BANCA = $0.003. Exact dates and pricing will be announced later in the official group Telegram.

Distribution of funds:

  • 50% – project development;
  • 25% – operations;
  • 22% – marketing;
  • 3% – legal support.

Road map

Q1-2 2018 – ICO, listing on the stock exchanges, the release of the app Coin AI on the platform.

Until the end of 2018 – launch of beta version of the platform.

2019 – expansion of community and global expansion.


Telegram: 3.2 thousand

Twitter: 1.7 thousand

Investment prospects

Tokens BANCA is required to use any services or transactions on the platform, and, consequently, their potential growth will be due to the increase in the number of participants in the platform.

Summary Banca

The blockchain technology and digital currency open new opportunities for the banking sector and investment. The creation of a decentralized community of investment banks with the introduction of new technology today is very important. Among the investment risks of the project it is worth noting the projected growth of competition in this area, and weak coverage in the media. The main advantages of the project – claimed the idea, a professional team and the anticipated launch of the project in a relatively short time. In the case of successful and timely launch, as well as attracting a sufficient number of participants in the platform tokens BANCA can bring a good return on investment this year.

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