Sindri, Then Stefansson (Sindri Þór Stefánsson), one of the suspects in the largest theft in the history of Iceland when a few months was stolen 600 used for mining cryptocurrencies, computers, the night went out the window the prison at Bend where he was transferred for 10 days on a foreign passport flew to Stockholm.

Features of the prison Bend assume free access of detainees to the computer and the phone. Law enforcement agencies suggest that Stefansson escaped with the support of others.

The police revealed that he is on the plane he had landed in Sweden. At the moment the law enforcement agencies of both countries are trying together to track him down and arrest fugitive issued an international warrant.

Recall that computers were stolen during the four robberies, three of which were committed in December and one in January. Stolen equipment is estimated at 200 million ISK ($1 million 990 thousand).