In advance of the announced start of own national cryptocurrency project Entapay (Quantum Mechanical Phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement) of the government of Cambodia has banned financial institutions in the country to participate in cryptocurrency transactions and encouraged them to “respect the laws”.

Cambodian banks followed the ban and began to let customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using open their account. At the same time, the authorities believe that behind Entapay multifunction digital currency payment system will allow citizens to do without the services of VISA international payment system and easy to manage multiterabyte currencies.

According to local media, criptococosis of the country bewildered by this contradiction, because of the laws governing kriptonyte in Cambodia does not yet exist.

We will remind, the head of the International monetary Fund (IMF) in October said that the Central banks and regulators must begin to take seriously the cryptocurrency. She urged Central banks to be wiser with cryptocurrencies, since their adapted countries with unstable monetary systems or weak national institutions as a good alternative to paper money.