IT-giant Google will ban advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO. The updated policy of advertising of financial services will take effect from June 2018; under threat is the whole of the crypto segment of the online advertising market.

In the post, published in the “Advertising policy” of the website Google support lists the types of inappropriate content. The list includes resources devoted to cryptocurrencies, and ICO, cryptocurrency exchanges, consulting services in the sale of digital assets, etc. Restrictions will apply to aggregators and affiliate programs associated with these categories of sites. The Corporation has not provided specific justifications for policy review in relation to the goods and services of kryptonyte.

In late January, a similar ban introduced Facebook. Unlike Google, the company explained that classifies the is ICO and virtual currencies to “promote fraudulent activities.”

The actions of Google and Facebook — the two largest advertising platforms in the online segment, is fit into the regulatory trend of U.S. authorities. Recall that the Federal and regional authorities have already imposed penalties on companies that offer investors their own tokens. In addition, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) intends to force the registration of the ICO, as the tokens are uncommitted securities.