According to anti-virus software manufacturer Symantec, last year the number of discovered hidden company of miners increased by 8500%.

This year’s #ISTR reveals skyrocketing cryptojacking attacks, including how cyber criminals could exploit devices to mine en masse.

— Symantec (@symantec) 22 March 2018 R.

On the chart below shows a sharp increase in the number of detected hidden miners in the last months of 2017:

Data: Symantec

Only in December last year, the number of detections of such programs increased by 1.7 million the graph Also shows that at the beginning and the middle of last year the spread of hidden miners was negligible.

According to Symantec, the malicious use of computing capacities of multiple devices with a few lines of code. However, users often do not even suspect that the slow performance of their devices associated with the mining of cryptocurrency. Also hidden mining becomes a cause of increasing power consumption, overheating and reduced battery lifetime of mobile devices.

Symantec are convinced that the development of the Internet of things hidden miners will gradually expand to this category of devices.

ForkLog previously reported that in February, 42% of companies worldwide suffered from illegal mining cryptocurrency.