The Agency for supervision over financial services (FSA) of Japan has issued a warning to the Binance and supposedly going to press charges. This is with reference to the official statement the FSA said the Nikkei Asian Review. However, the exchange CEO has denied this information.

In a statement today, the Agency confirmed its intention to issue a warning Binance in the absence of registration with the authority. However, contrary to the assurances of the Nikkei, the statement did not mention the prosecution of Binance.

In response to the rumors about the termination of activity of stock exchanges in Japan CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao confirmed receipt of a letter from the Agency, as well as the work of the company’s lawyers with Supervisory authority. In his Twitter posts he said:

“We received a letter from the FSA about an hour ago. Our attorneys immediately contacted the FSA and they will find a solution. The interests of customers is our main priority.

“The reasons for concern. Sometimes bad news in the long term are good. The Chinese have a saying for that. New (often better) opportunities always appear while you change.”

In the current situation, Zhao was accused of “irresponsible journalists” and assured customers Binance that the conflict between the exchange and the FSA no.

We will remind that earlier the Agency has already suspended the work of two Japanese stock exchanges. The occasion was significant shortcomings of system security measures.