Director of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) Arseny Weltzin in the framework of the Saratov economic forum stated that in this area it is planned to open a representative office of this organization, as well as a local centre of excellence. According to him, the new centre will, inter alia, engaged in the development of mining facilities in the region:

The main objective of competence centre — establish a system for collecting and testing the best software engineering practices to improve the efficiency of mining process.

In a situation of price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market most of the miners are thinking about optimizing their work. Recent studies have shown that the use of advanced software-engineering practices can improve the efficiency of mining.

Recall that in the Kaliningrad region the miners can give the opportunity to become a resident of a special economic zone (SEZ) for IT business. In addition, the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation supported the establishment of a special exchange, where miners will be able to exchange mined cryptocurrency for conventional money.