The U.S. marshals service on March 5 made a statement about the upcoming auction, the auction will be located about 2170 BTC that is about $25 million to date. Those wishing to participate in the auction must pay a Deposit of $200,000 to March 14. Selling cryptocurrency scheduled for March 19.

According to a statement the bitcoins were confiscated in the framework of “multiple criminal, civil and Federal administrative cases”, including those associated with drug trafficking. The auction will include 14 separate blocks: two block of 500 BTC, 11 blocks of 100 BTC and one block of 70 BTC.

This year it will be the second Bitcoin auction held by the US authorities. The U.S. marshals service is involved in these auctions in 2016. In January, the Agency sold more than 3600 BTC ($30 million at the time).

Over time the US government denied the possibility of introducing cryptocurrencies into the lives of Americans as the ordinary way of cash settlement, citing the fact that Bitcoin is used by criminals in criminal schemes. However, the authorities nothing prevents to sell at auction “funds acquired by illegal means” of its citizens. You need to believe that such auctions will be conducted many times as the number of solved crimes related to the use of cryptocurrencies has steadily increased.