President of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) Yuri Pripachkin said that the organization prepares the project of creation of the Crimean regional cryptocurrencies.

“We are now preparing the program of development of Crimea on the basis of the blockchain and artificial intelligence. It will include the provision of various services, both public and private, on the basis of the blockchain, create your own Crimean cryptocurrency, establishing a mechanism for the ICO needed by the Crimean company,” Pripachkin said.

He explained that to make the program as a legislative initiative will be possible after the adoption of Federal laws on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The draft law “On digital of financial assets” was submitted to the state Duma on March 20, the group of deputies headed by Chairman of the Committee on fininkom Anatoly Aksakov. He later expressed confidence that the law will be adopted before the end of the spring session in may-June.

“As I understand it, by the summer the state Duma plans to accept these bills. Then we will look at how to promote the program,” said President RAKIB.

On a possible experiment with the introduction into the economy of the Crimea cryptocurrency stated in August last year, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. This year about these plans, said Georgy Muradov, the permanent representative of the Russian President. The day before, speaking at the Yalta international economic forum, he stated the need for not only the release of cryptocurrency, but also the creation on the Peninsula of kleptoklatura.