In Russia, with the support of RAKIB, launched a draft national mining pool MineRussia. RAKIB urges the Russian miners unite to form a more competitive position in the international market.

The principle of operation of a pool that miners combine processing power and divide the received cryptocurrency between each other.

“While the situation in such a way that we feed the European and Asian mining pools. The project MineRussia designed to combine not only the miners, but also those who are involved, for example, developing hardware and software for this sphere”, — commented on the initiative of the representative of RAKIB Arseny Weltzin.

One of the investors and co-founders of this project was the co-owner and CEO of the corporate messenger Dialog Nikita goldsmith, who wishes to work together with partners to invest $4-5 million Mining pool MineRussia will be the first pool on a national scale, the founders of the project. In the organization of the pool in addition to Dialog and RAKIB, involving several partners whose names were not disclosed.

The main problems of the Russian mining market in MineRussia include the high cost of services of foreign pools, high ping (time taken for the connection of hardware miner server), no Russian-language support and irregular payment. Servers MineRussia will be arranged in Russia, as negotiations about connecting mining farms from China, Malaysia and Singapore. The amount of equipment for mining MineRussia will be able to compete with large foreign market participants, including NanoPool, F2pool, AntPool, hope in the project.

We will remind, this week the Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship Anatoly Aksakov said that the new law on digital assets for the miners can be provided for a biennial tax holidays, in order to “stimulate them to comply with Russian legislation”.